About Us

Tyia Lashe, the founder of A Beautiful Wonderful, was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. As a little girl, Tyia was very outgoing and full of life! She was confident and ready to take on the world! However, once she hit 5th grade, she started developing a negative self-image. She wasn't made fun of by her peers, but Tyia started noticing how flawed she was in comparison to other girls her age. This negative self-image followed Tyia all the way into her early 20's. Although Tyia was struggling internally, praying that God would make her flaws go away, she still continued to act as if nothing was wrong. This negative self-image caused Tyia to shy away from forming friendships & taking on new opportunities.

At the age of 23, Tyia decided to make a change. She decided to change the narrative in her mind and start speaking life! From there, Tyia discovered the power of changing her mindset and the power of words! Tyia soon decided to write an affirmation for herself titled, A Beautiful, Wonderful Me and she turned that affirmation into her 1st self-published book for young girls.

Tyia's mission through A Beautiful, Wonderful Me is to make sure that every girl knows the greatness that is within her! She wants young girls that they can do whatever they put their mind to, and to not limit themselves! Tyia wants every girl to allow the beauty within them to shine bright for the world to see and declare that "I AM A BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL ME".



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